Fokus dan Scope

Journal of Rekayasa Technology Nusa Putra Midwifery provides an international forum for the publication, dissemination and discussion of advances in evidence, controversies and current research, current knowledge and promotes continuing education through publication of systematic and other reviews and updates across broad range of clinical and interdisciplinary topics including:

  • Informatics: software engineering, information technology, information system, information security, data mining, etc.
  • Computer Engineering: embedded system, computer network, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, wireless sensor, internet of things, fuzzy logic, etc.
  • Electrical Engineering:  robotics, control system, microcontroller application, telecommunication, electronics, power electronics, power engineering, power distribution, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering: material engineering, production, automotive, energy conversion, aerodynamic, etc.
  • Industrial Engineering: chemical engineering, physic engineering, instrumentation and control, industrial management, manufacture, etc.
  • Civil Engineering: structure engineering, hydrology, geotechnical, construction management, etc.
  • Environmental Engineering: Environmental management and engineering, polution control, environmental healtness, waste management
  • Disain Communication Visual: phenomena, studies, concepts, design ideas of visual communication design.